Lohr Surgical Specialists, LLC

General and Vascular Surgery

September 17, 2019
To My Patient Family:
It is with great sadness and excitement that I announce my relocation to Columbia, South Carolina at the end of November.  My last day for seeing patients will be November 25, 2019.  I have accepted a position with the Dorn VA Medical Center to mentor, teach, and of course caring for patients hopefully giving back to those who have given for our country as well as being appointed to the University of South Carolina faculty as a full professor to help train our future generation of healthcare providers. 
It has been an extreme privilege to provide care to all of you and your families for my 30 years here in Cincinnati.   Time flies when you are having fun.  I will miss all of you.  I will continue to have courtesy privileges here for the next year to assist in your transitions. 
I have asked Dr. Dianne Runk (513-221-2544, Cincinnati Breast Surgeons), and Dr. Anne Kuritzky (513-865-5110, Trihealth) to assume care of my breast patients.  Dr. Greg Zenni (513-421-3494, Mercy West) and his office will help to arrange follow up scheduled scans and follow my vascular patients.  My vein patients and my varicose veins patients can be seen at Vein Solutions (513-984-0330) for their input and excellent treatment.  Dr. Alex Saba and Dr. Lawrence Bartish (513-542-4200, Trihealth) are available to provide any general surgery care needs should they arise.  To those of you who have unusual vascular problems and need extra care, Dr. Steven Dean from Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio (614-293-7677) will see my lymphedema/lipedema and Klippel-Trenaunay malformation patients.  If you are a Coumadin patient and on lifelong anticoagulation, we will share the anticoagulation flow sheets with your primary care physician of record and will also refer you to the Anticoagulation Clinics at either Mercy West or The Family Medical Group.   If you are a wound care patient and need to be seen for wounds, Dr. Robert Cranley (513-961-4335) and Dr. Kris Mahalingam (513-215-5030) will see you at the Wound Care Center at Mercy West.  Dr. Kevin Tymitz (513-862-4957, Trihealth) is my bariatric surgeon of choice.  Of course you may ask your primary care provider for other names and caregivers.  Please check your networks before calling for appointments. 
If you have questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will assist you with this transition.  The office will be reachable after I stop seeing patients at the same phone number (513-451-7400) for questions concerning billing or records.  All correspondence must be sent to Lohr Surgical Specialists, PO Box 11072, Cincinnati, OH  45211-0072.  
Live well.  Be happy.  If you are in Columbia, South Carolina give me a call, stop in, we will have a cup of coffee and you can update me on how things are going. 
I look forward to this next chapter in my career and hopefully all will remain healthy. 
Joann Lohr, M.D., FACS, RVT